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The vagina is the female organ for copulation; it serves as the excretory duct for the uterus and forms part of the birth canal. The entrance to the vaginal orifice is covered by a thin mucosal fold called hymen. The hymen is perforated at the center in virgin, at the first sex the hymen tears usually posterior or postero laterally, after multiple sexes usually it tears at 6,2,10 o’clock positions [based on the cases operated] & the vagina becomes loose. After the child birth only a few tags of the hymen remain.

In this surgery, the teared mucosa ,usually at 6,2,10 o clock position is repaired, resulting in restoration of the hymen like before first sex,resulting in pain/bleeding after the sex.Apart from the technical repair it will give major psychological relief to the person.

Rarely may we not get teared pieces especially after child birth; such people require different technique of hymen creation. This procedure can be clubbed with vaginal tightening and other surgery like labia reduction, suprapubic liposuction etc. No artificial material will be put here, existing mucosal folds used to repair.

The society is leaning towards western style, more live in relations are happening, which may not materialize in marriage, still the male society gives importance to virginity at the time of marriage. This is the common type of request which we will get.

The second type is post marriage/post delivery requesting for vaginal tightening and hymenoplasty. The third type is in the form of surprise gift at the time of birth day or marriage anniversary. The fourth type is rape victims, wants restoration of hymen.

The virginity is in peoples mind; the hymen may tear due to various reasons like sports etc/ruptured hymen may not indicate loss of virginity. Hymenoplasty is a method to restore hymen by technical method, done not to restore virginity.


30 min to one hour


general anesthesia


No need for the admission

Possible Side Effects:

No major side effects involved after this procedure. It is not going to affect future pregnancy or delivery


No major risk involved with this kind of surgery


No need to take any rest after this procedure. The surgery will be done after the menses. The person should avoid over stretching of the thighs like 2 wheeler riding etc for 3 weeks. We will put colorless absorbable stitches, usually dissolve between 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, some amount of pain/bleeding will be there after the sex for few times. It is advisable to avoid oral sex for 6 weeks. Mild pain will be there for 48 hours, can be controlled by taking tablets. Along with this supra pubic liposuction, labia reduction, vaginal tightening and other non genital surgery can be done. No dressing will be required, the person needs to wear sanitary pad if required.